Isn't it fun to go through old family photos?  Whether to reminiscence or share your family tree, photography is the gift that you give to your family, future generations, and of course, yourself. Photographs become more valuable and irreplaceable with time.  This is why I am so passionate about photography and the images I take.  Every home needs to have a portrait.  Every important event is worth remembering, and you are worth celebrating!  Your business deserves to display the heart you put in to it! My mission is to capture these moments and give you that! From Product, Event, Portraiture, Boudoir,  Assignment or Fine Art for your office or home, I am here for all of your photography needs! 
 Hello, my name is Roberta Alvarado. I am a Sacramento, California based artist, jewelry designer, and photographer for over 30 years.  I enjoy  all facets of photography. Whether I'm taking exhibiting or taking family portraits,  headshots, or personal branding, covering events, traveling or taking on your assignment I add an element of fine art. I look to capture the grace. 
 My eye is for the beauty in simple surroundings and the movement in everyday life with a primary focus on culture throughout the America's.  My most recent feature was "VoyageLA" and "Old Well Cafe" in the award winning Paramount Picture "The Big Short". 
 I am a minimalist traveler and reactive photographer with a foundation in 35mm and darkroom post processing. My current and ongoing project is an exhibit that appreciates Indigenous cultures from North and Central America. My projects include highlighting Dia de los Muertos and  Hanal Pixan. The galleries "Layers of Life in Death: Yucatan, Mexico" features work from my solo exhibit in 2019 at The Brickhouse Art Gallery, Sacramento, California. The exhibit  gives insight into the Mayan burial practices through one family's experience. My work might be seen as having a dark edge but I see the beauty in life's cycle and see it as celebratory. I find value by recognizing it's fragility in hopes we may embrace the seemingly mundane tasks with intention  while observing our global interconnectedness.  
 Let's talk!  Lets  discuss your family, home, or business photography need. Also, most images seen within this portfolio are available to purchase. All prints are museum quality on very beautiful, fine art paper. Sizes and prices are available upon request. 
 Please fill out the information below for all inquiries, book a free consultation, or to join the mailing list for upcoming exhibits. I will respond Monday-Friday between 10am-5pm or Email:
I'm looking forward to talking to you soon! 
Thank you!
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