Pueblos throughout the Yucatan region of Mexico are a mix of Mayan traditions and Catholicism. When a loved one passes they are buried in a metal coffin for 3 years before they are unearthed. The bones are then sifted through and stacked carefully on a white cloth and placed in the family tomb. 
Love lives through the continuous care taken. Cleaning, painting, fresh flowers replace the dead ones and candles are lit.
The day I was there everyone was busy preparing for Hanal Pixan. Hanal Pixan is similar to the Aztec Dias de Los Muertos with some differences unique to this region starting with the burial traditions mentioned. 
This photojourney will be split into 4 galleries:  the vibrant atmosphere with spotlights of cemetery workers,  the celebration "Festival de Las Animas" in the capital city of Merida, and the intimate moments a family unearths a loved one to move to the family tomb, the fourth of people and nature met along the way; from meeting a 92 year old tin artist to the Mayan Ya'ache aka "Tree of Life". 

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