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Branding & Product Photography
Product Images

$100 for 3 Product Photos
$225 for 7 Product Photos
$625 for 12 Product Photos

Branding Photo Shoot 

$350 - 2.5 hours at your business, 15 images
$500 - 4 hours at your business, 30 images
$750 - 6 hours at your business, 40 images
$1200 Full Day at your business, 70-100 images


I believe in being prepared and being intentional in how you present your first impression. That is why I will convey your many sides. From traditional formal, casual, Boss, plus friendly & approachable. 
Basic - $125 3 photos, 1 outfit, 45 minute, light retouch
Prepared - $225 - 6 photos, 1-2 outfits, 1.5 hour, light retouch

for All of Your Website & Social Media Needs! 
Photography Portrait Session Prices

Basic Portrait Package**
 Photo Session + Image Editing + 7 Digital Copy of Images
Print Package for 1 image: 2-8x10, 3-5x7, 6-2x3 on Fine Art Paper
**Additional Digital files available at 10/$175.

Classic Digital Package
Photo Session + Edited Digital Copy of Images with Photo Release +
Print Package for 1 image: 2-8x10, 3-5x7, 6-2x3 on Fine Art Paper

Deluxe Digital Plus
Photo Session + Edited Digital Copy of Images (approx 30-40) with Photo Release +
Print Packages for 3 images: each package contains 2-8x10, 3-5x7, 6-2x3 on Fine Art Paper + 4x6 print of images

Additional Prints available
A la carte
All images are beautifully printed on my favorite archival, fine art paper
8-wallets $18
4-4x6      $18
8x10        $35
11x14      $60
16x20      $99
16x20 on canvas $175
Please Inquire to Customize Your Photography Shoot Today! We value what is important to you! 

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